Nature Study of the Yellow Poplar



Trunk and Branch color

The Yellow Poplar has a wide variety of colors that vary during the seasons. During the cold winter months the leaves have all fallen off and the only thing left is the trunk and branches. The trunk and branches are a medium to dark gray.


Flower colors

During the spring months the Yellow Poplar shows its most radiant colors. These colors are found in the tree's flower. The flower has six leafs that at the tip are a light green that fades into a yellow. Around the base of the petals is a brilliant orange that can be seen both inside and outside the cup of the flower.


Leaf colors

During the summer, the tree's leaves show a rich green. Theleaves range from a dark rich green color and a lighter green on the underside. The stem of theleaf is a light, near white color that on the backside of the leaf creates a strong contrast between the leaf and veins.


Fall leaf

The leaves start to turn colors during fall. The Yellow Poplar's leaves turn into a bright and rich yellow color.