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May 12

Fortner Ministries Logo, Web Design & Development

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This particular client was a husband and wife and are both professors at Harding University. They wanted a website so they could distribute their intellectual articles. book reviews, video, audio, etc. This particular website was developed from the ground up and utilized Joomla 1.5 as the CMS backend. I have compiled all of the documentation that was used in defining what exactly the client wanted. This project was created for a class at Harding University titled Senior Development in Digital Media.

The “Open Book” Logo

Fortner Ministries Logo the open book

Logo Description

The Final logo for the Fortner site is shown here. The “Open Book” logo represents an open book. This book represents the material that is being provided on the site. Combined with the “fm” logo type standing for “Fortner Ministries.” This version is a red and black version that does not represent the final color but still represents the shape and form and not have emphasis on the color scheme.

When designing the logo I had to take many things into account. They wanted to remain professional but not strict. The materials that they were placing on their website were generally coming from either a History professor or a Bible professor. Being that both dealt with books a lot and both knew many languages I decided to go with an open book feel in a professional manner.

The Website

Web Design

The design that was produced using Photoshop needed to be sliced and prepared for use with Joomla 1.5. After preparing it for Joomla components and plugins as well as other pieces of Joomla 1.5 code was able to be added to produce a fully functioning Joomla 1.5 template.

Web Development

The Web development process related to manipulating and setting up Joomla with the template. After which the testing process started and all the related bugs were fixed.

Where is it now?

Now that the Fortner Ministries website has been officially handed off and I am not still maintaining it I am thus unable to add a link to the live site.