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Horizontal Rule Design
  • Jun 23

    Kindling Outfitters was a fictional company created for a Graphic Design course at Harding University. The project was filled with requirements that needed to be accomplished. The main requirement was that the company was a clothing company for children that enjoyed exploring the outdoors. The company Kindling Outfitters was our solution.
    The logo for the company [...]

  • Jun 23

    Logo Design
    Shortly after the Interactive Media club started the need for a logo was determined. After discussions and proposal this was the final logo agreed upon by the club.

    Proposed Logo Designs
    During the logo design process I created multiple versions and variations on the same theme. These were added into the mix of other proposed logos [...]

  • May 12

    This particular client was a husband and wife and are both professors at Harding University. They wanted a website so they could distribute their intellectual articles. book reviews, video, audio, etc. This particular website was developed from the ground up and utilized Joomla 1.5 as the CMS backend. I have compiled all of the documentation [...]

  • May 12

    Green Box Creative was created due to the need to have a unique branding on all documentation used for the Fortner Ministries Website. The branding represented a group of three students: myself, Jacob Cantrell, and Shane O’Connor.